Red Meat AKA Best Lab EVER!!

This lab was by far my favorite lab to date.  We made so many amazing things.  Everything was so good.  The breaded pork medallion with the mushroom cream sauce was very delicious.  I had never had that before.  The steak and pork tenderloin were also really good.  Surprisingly to me, I like the braised lettuce too.  We made so much food in this lab.  It was neat to have people outside of our lab come in and try our food.  I liked hearing their comments of how good everything was and that they enjoyed everything.  It is a really good feeling.

Soup and Salad

Although this lab was a basic one, I enjoyed it a lot.  We learned about the different things that can be found on a salad bar.  There were a lot of things on there that I have not really seen at many restaurants, such as the crackers and the pickled celery, which was suprisingly good.  The soups took a long time to make but were worth it.  My favority was the cream of celery soup.  I like that in this lab that we got done early and got to take the time to enjoy what we had made in lab.

Flat fish

This week we did flat fish and seafood.  The smell of the fish did not start lab off on a good note.  I found filleting the flat fish to be faster because we did not have to scale the fish.  I really like the salmon witht he stuffing on top.  The “en papiollote” fish was also good.  I like seafood more than I like fish.  The way we prepared the scallops was really tasty and so were the mussles. I like the mussles that were in the white wine better than the ones that were cooked in tomato juice. I am just glad that we are done with fish.


Today was the first time that I fabricated and filleted a fish and it was definetly noticeable.  The worst part of the whole thing would have to be scaling the fish and removing the skin from the fillets.  The scaling took such a long time and removing the skin was hard for me, but at least we didn’t have to gut them.  I am not a huge fan of fish but I tried everything that we made.  Suprisingly, I somewhat enjoyed the pan-fryed fish that had panko breadcrumbs on it.  The panko breadcrumbs are a lot better than the regular breadcrumbs that we usually use.

Moist Heat Chicken

This week we did chicken again but this time we used moist heat cooking methods. We got to practice fabricating chicken again and i was definitely better at it this time. My favorite item that we made was the chicken breasts that we made “en papillote”.  The braising and the poaching was alright. It took such a long time to cook using those methods. The chicken stew that we made was also very good and nice to have on a cold October day. I didn’t think I would like in because of the squash but I enjoyed eating it. This lab we also got out early which was nice for a change. Continue reading


This lab has to be my favorite so far. Although I was not a huge fan of fabricating the whole chicken it is neat to be able to say that I can do it. Everything that we made today was delicious. I absolutely love chicken and now I have learned all of these new ways to prepare it. This past Sunday I was ironically craving chicken fingers so bad. I have not had them since I have been here. The ones that we made in lab were so good and filled that craving I had. I can not wait to go home this weekend and make all of this new food for my family. I think they will be impressed.


We had our practical today for the vegetable cuts. I was nervous about it before but I don’t think that I did too bad. I just need to work on making my cuts uniform so that they will all cook evenly. The experiment that was done with the acidic and basic water was neat. The blue cabbage looked so disgusting. I would never eat that. I loved the fried zucchini and the onion rings. Anything deep-fried is delicious. The broccoli with the sauce on top was very good too. Things went pretty smoothly when it came to cleaning up at the end. After every week I feel like I am becoming more of a cook. I can not wait to go home and make all the news things I have learned for my family to try.


Starches are one of my favorite parts to a meal. I loved the food we made in lab this week. My favorite would have to be the risotto. This was my first time making and eating it and it was delicious. The pasta was also really good. It was fun getting to make the dough on the table and getting a little messy.


I really enjoyed this lab. I am not a huge fan of breakfast but everything was so good. The three things I was most nervous about were making the hollandaise sauce, poaching the egg, and flipping the fried egg in the pan. However, I managed to do all of those things successfully. This was my first time making eggs Benedict, and I really enjoyed it, except for the egg (I am not a big fan of runny egg yolk). It is nice to have lab class and be able to make homemade food. After coming to college, a home cooked meal is something you begin to miss. The foods we make in lab are like a substitute for that.

Potatoes, Potatoes, Potatoes

This weeks lab class was all about potatoes and I enjoyed it a lot. I learned a lot of different ways to prepare a potato. A benefit of being a culinary major and taking a 4 hour lab course at 8 o’clock in the morning is that you get to take actual “homemade” food back with you to your dorm to enjoy later. No other majors have that opportunity. The food that I made was delicious. My favorite was the dauphinoise and the dutchess potatoes. I really look forward to the lab classes in the future.